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The Original Whirl

A native of Georgia , the Managing Member of Georgia Whirl Productions LLC  is a true innovator. Producer, Director, Screenwriter, Author, Actor, and Singer, Miranda aka the "Original Whirl" is a force to be reckoned with.

Childers studied theater at the University of Evansville, with Harvard’s MXAT program in Moscow, and Spanish Language and Culture at the University of Buenos Aires and Methodist University, where she earned her BA in Spanish Language & Literature. She is fluent in four languages. Childers is an ALM Degree Candidate at Harvard University (ES) in their Creative Writing and Literature Program. She co-founded Georgia Whirl Productions LLC, the Southeast's fastest-growing BIPOC-owned production company, in 2018 after marrying her love for creativity and zeal for entrepreneurship as a former American history, theater, and Spanish teacher. History, theater, and Spanish teacher Childers continues to work within her community, teaching drama classes and hosting workshops.

Formerly, she was an American history, drama, and Spanish teacher before she co-founded Georgia Whirl Productions LLC in 2018, after marrying her love for creativity and fervor for entrepreneurship. GWP, as it is affectionately referred to, is the Southeast's fastest-growing BIPOC and women-owned production company. Childers continues to give back to her community, teaching drama classes and hosting workshops for children and teens. Through the Comcast RISE program, a commercial that Childers wrote, directed, and edited appeared on CNN, BET, ESPN, and a number of other prime time networks in 2022. Her first children’s book, "There’s A Bear In Mom’s Bed," will debut in 2023 and is currently on pre-order at Barnes & Her affiliations are the N.O.W.S.A. (National Organization for Women’s Safety Awareness), the Author’s Guild (AG), NATAS-SE, WIFTA (women in film and television in Atlanta), and the GAGC (Georgia Association for Gifted Children), where she was a featured speaker in 2021 and 2022 at their Annual Conference with her speech entitled "The Gift of Blackness." You can follow herjourney on Instagram @originalwhirl and follow Georgia Whirl on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @Georgiawhirl

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