The Original Whirl

A native of Georgia , the Managing Member of Georgia Whirl Productions LLC  is a true innovator. Producer, Director, Screenwriter, Author, Actor, and Singer, Miranda aka the "Original Whirl" is a force to be reckoned with. A graduate of Methodist University (BA Spanish Literature and Culture), she studied Theatre as a Performing Arts Major at the University Of Evansville in Evansville, Indiana and with Harvard’s MXAT Theatre program in Moscow, Russia. She, continued her education studying the Spanish Language at the University of Buenos Aires, in Buenos Aires Argentina and is currently pursuing graduate study  at Harvard University (ES).


The multilingual beauty (English, Spanish, French) has had her writing featured in publications like Bustle, Elite Daily, and countless others.  She found success as an Actress on stage appearing in live theatrical productions like “Ragtime,” where she played the lead role of Sarah opposite the late Lawrence Hamilton, Rosa Parks in Teatro Sea’s “Roberto Clemente Story,” understudied as Evelyn in the Alliance Theatre’s 2017 production of “Too Heavy For Your Pocket,” and her self penned/self directed work “3 Days In Savannah,” at the Manhattan Reperatory Theatre in Manhattan, New York.  A former Theatre, American History, and Spanish Teacher, she is a consummate creative who married her love of the theatre and her zeal for entrepreneurship to create her business Georgia Whirl Productions  LLC. 


 Georgia Whirl Productions LLC focuses on telling powerful stories that pack a humorous and healing punch. She is an advocate for the education, mentorship, and encouragement of young women.  Miranda implements apprenticeship programs on all of her sets. Altruistic, dedicated, and kind are all adjectives that have been used to describe our founder. 


In 2018 she began working with the N.O.W.S.A. National Organization for Women’s Safety and Awareness a 501 c charity who’s mission is to raise awareness about sexual assault, violence, and harassment against women & teens and prevent it. She has traveled to almost every state in the USA and and more than 7 countries internationally.  She believes that "the ability to create art is an honor" and that no one is more equipped to tell the stories of her culture than her. She is also a member of the Author's Guild,  NATAS-SE Chapter (National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences), WIFTA (Women In Film and Television, Atlanta) and the GAGC (Georgia Association for Gifted Children) where she was a feature speaker at their 2021 and 2022 Annual Conference with her speech entitled "The Gift of Blackness." You can follow her journey on Instagram @originalwhirl and follow Georgia Whirl on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @Georgiawhirl

The Original Whirl (Miranda) Headshot