Reigning Miss Black America Atlanta

Jazzmin Reynolds


How To Apply For Miss Black America Atlanta? 




  • Georgia Whirl Productions LLC presents the Miss Black America Atlanta Pageant©️ and is looking for children, women, and teens of color to represent the titles of Miss Black America Atlanta©️,  Miss Black Positivity©️ (17-27), Miss Black America Atlanta Teen©️ (13-16),  Little Miss Black America Atlanta©️ (8-12),  and Miss Black America Atlanta Tiny Queen©️ (4-7)


  • You can be a part of a program created for the purpose of celebrating the beauty of the black woman! Five (5) Titles available in one incredible pageant experience. The 2021 competition will be bigger and better than EVER and the best part is, it will all be online!!


  • We created Miss Black America Atlanta to assist contestants of all ages in developing self-esteem and acquiring valuable titles, life & social skills, and making connections that will last a lifetime. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have adjusted our model and moved our competition entirely online. This benefits YOU in that it creates more opportunities.  




  • *The fees are incredibly low. 

  • *Enjoy the convenience of submitting your entry online.

  • *Remote Participation

  • *More real time networking opportunities

  • *Broader Audience for your platform


  • At MBAA we believe that Beauty Is Black and  comes in MANY DIFFERENT FORMS! We are NOT just another online competition. Our pageant will continue to have the amazing program we set out to create with the added convenience of Delegates participating from the comfort of their homes.  Scoring will be based on physical beauty, past achievements, community involvement and/or the entry presentation. We will have meet & greets, seminars, digital learning and activities, showcase opportunities and much more! More details will be made available in May. 


  • Judging and Scoring:

  • Three to five  qualified judges will judge contestants


  • Titles:

  • The type of title you win depends upon your pageant scores 



  • Rules and Regulations:

  • * Contestants under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian’s permission to enter.

  • * Contestant scores will not be released.

  • * All judges’ decisions are final.

  • * ABSOLUTELY No bad sportsmanship, slandering, or gossiping will be tolerated.WE HAVE A ZERO TOLERANCE BULLYING & CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY AND CODE OF CONDUCT THAT WILL GET YOU DISQUALIFIED AND/OR (POSSIBLY) PLACED ON PROBATION OR TITLE REVOKED. If policy is broken, you can be disqualified and/or removed at ANY point in the program. Final decisions are made at the discretion of the Executive Director  are non negotiable and final. 

  • * All entry fees are non-refundable.

  • * All winners are required to e-mail a crown and banner photo for the website.

  • * Winners grant permission to Georgia Whirl productions LLC/Miss Black America Atlanta Pageant  to use their photo and names for promotional and advertising purposes.

  • * All entry materials and fees must be received by the deadline date 

  • * All rules and regulations, codes of conduct, and terms and conditions  must be strictly adhered to or else contestants could face disqualification, banishment, and/or title revocation without refund.

  • * By submitting the entry application and entering pageant, you (the contestant) and the parent or guardian (if contestant is under 18) agrees to all set forth rules and regulations stated, published, and mentioned.


Miss Black America Atlanta Delegates participate in a local parade, June 2019

Delegate Titles

Pageant Registration

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

The participants of the Miss Black America Atlanta Pageant are not merely competing but are also enriching their respective communities through seminars, community service, and related activities; once chosen to compete each lady earns the distinctive title of “Delegate.”  Delegates  are given the opportunity to choose the Delegate Title that most exemplifies the attribute they believe describes the African American experience that she embodies. For example, if a Delegate’s platform is centered around musical education, she might choose the Delegate Title of ‘Miss Black Creativity.’ 


Available Delegate Titles 

  • Miss Black Hope

  • Miss Black Love 

  • Miss Black Acceptance

  • Miss Black Community 

  • Miss Black Family 

  • Miss Black Courage

  • Miss Black Advancement

  • Miss Black Spirit

  • Miss Black Equality

  • Miss Black Focus 

  • Miss Black Light 

  • Miss Black Optimism

  • Miss Black Positivity

  • Miss Black Pride 

  • Miss Black Grace

  • Miss Black Compassion

  • Miss Black Entrepreneurship 

  • Miss Black Strength

  • Miss Black Ingenuity 

  • Miss Black Intelligence

  • Miss Black History

  • Miss Black Nobility

  • Miss Black Kindness

  • Miss Black Legacy

  • Miss Black Encouragement

  • Miss Black Expression

  • Miss Black Integrity 

  • Miss Black Wisdom

  • Miss Black Charisma

  • Miss Black Bravery

  • Miss Black Discipline

  • Miss Black Purpose

  • Miss Black Humor

  • Miss Black Gratitude

  • Miss Black Authenticity

  • Miss Black Peace

  • Miss Black Ethics

  • Miss Black Ambition 

  • Miss Black Diligence 

  • Miss Black Exuberance

  • Miss Black Diplomacy